Referral Program

Would you like to earn 20% on every sale you make through your affiliate link? Follow me…

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Remember to direct who you are referring to the specific landing page that you received by email.
The entire link already contains the referral coupon code in order to track the sale.
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Here are some ideas for making your first earnings:


The first 20 people you care about and trust in you.
This is the simplest idea, and, in most cases, it works very well.

You know perfectly how our service works because you have already lived the experience.
First of all, use your portrait in social media, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and your website (if
you have a website).

Then, make a list of the first 20 to 30 people in your life who trust in you and, at the same time, can
be interested in buying a logo portrait as you did. Show them your logo. Send them an engaged
message by expressing your feelings.

To be more effective, you can call each of them by telling them your feelings and emotions about the
Hyprloox buying process and how you feel regarding your new portrait.
Simply, share your story, naturally, and let them know how they can get the same logo as yours.
Nothing more.


Create a video testimonial “experience”
This idea is very cool, especially if you are an influencer (or a micro-influencer) and you are followed
on social media like Facebook and Instagram.
Many of Hyprloox’s clients have already done it 😃 It’s easy, fast, and amazing at the same time.

Pick your smartphone up and create a short video. 1-minute video in which you can talk about your
experience with Hyprloox. You can simply share your opinion by talking about customer care, your
portrait, what you were looking for, what you get, and the experience you have lived with us.

Remember to put your referral link in the description and tell your followers to click that specific link
in order to buy the portrait.


IDEA #3 – Facebook or Instagram Live Event 🙂
This idea is very cool, especially if you are an influencer (or a micro-influencer) and you are followed
on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Go live on Facebook or Instagram (or both of them) and enjoy sharing your portrait with your
audience and sharing with them your story with Hyprloox. Easy, fast. You can do it multiple times.


If you are a business owner or professional…
This idea lets you sell your portrait very fast. It’s incredibly easy.
If you are a professional or a small business owner, most probably you have to deal with:

  1. Clients
  2. Prospects
  3. Employees
  4. Colleagues

These are some ideas for each category mentioned above.

  • Clients. If you are in the beauty industry, I can assure you that your clients would desire to have
    a digital portrait like yours. Just let them know that is possible and give them your referral link.
  • Prospects. If you have a list of prospects that don’t do business with you anymore, this is a great
    chance to reactivate them by letting them know that you have this offer. Do always the same things.
    Show your portrait first, speak about the experience you have lived, share your story with them.
  • Employees. Many of our clients did a portrait for their employees. You can do it too. For each
    employee or a single portrait with all of your employees.
  • Colleagues. Most probably, you have some colleagues in your same field that would want to have a
    portrait like yours 😉 Speak about the experience you have lived, share your story with them.


If you don’t have a company, you may know many people that have a
Since our service is born at the beginning to serve people who have a company, as a business logo, you
can make a list of all the small business owners or professionals you work with or use their services
(especially in the beauty industry).
For example:

  • Hairdresser
  • Nail Tech
  • Lash Tech
  • Cosmetic Tech
  • Beauty service
  • Doctor
  • PHD

Just show them your logo, speak to them about the experience that you lived with Hyprloox, and then
give them your referral link to get an amazing portrait for themselves.

Get your Referral link and have fun! 🤑