Info & Prices

How does it work?


1) Choose the number of people (or pets) that you desire! 😎

2) Select the offer type (Gold or Platinum), Click Add to Cart, and then place the order! πŸ’³

3) AFTER ORDERING you will receive an email confirmation and the instructions to send us the guidelines and pics.

If you want to have your portrait printed, you must first purchase the digital version. Once the revision has been carried out, it is possible to place an order for printing the gadgets

How much does it cost?

Revisions + 100% money-back Guarantee

We know that you can ask for some changes after the portrait is delivered. And it is correct. We want you to be happy. πŸ˜ƒ

Base on the package you chose, we have different rules.

– GOLD & PLATINUM package have unlimited revisions available, you can ask for as many revisions as you want until you are completely satisfied (no additional costs). Otherwise we will refund you 100% of your investment.

– BRONZE package, you have one free revision available and you don’t have money-back guarantee.

What is included in the first free revision (BRONZE package only)?

1) Revision of some details of the face (eyes, nose, forehead, skin tone, etc.)
2) Background color
3) Revision of some body details (breast size, waist, hips, etc.)
4) Dress color

Instead, if you want to change different things that you haven’t mentioned in the form, these are the prices:

To re-draw a face from another picture: 39 USD
To re-draw different objects in your hands: 39 USD
To re-draw different outfit: 39 USD
To re-draw different body pose: 39 USD
To re-draw different hairstyle: 39 USD
To re-draw face + body (outfits) + objects: 59 USD (30% discount for a new portrait)


Digital version: Artists of flesh and blood make all of the drawings and caricatures; they are not made by automated applications, which makes each of our products unique!

  • Realization of a Digital Drawing: between 2 and 8 days (based on the package you have chosen – Bronze, Gold or Platinum)

Printed version: if you purchased the printed version (poster or canvas), we will deliver to your address within 7-12 business days after the approval (and revision) of the digital version.


Once you order your digital logo, you will receive the guidelines in order to send us all the data, pictures and information to draw your logo.

You have 6 months to deliver this information. If you avoid sending us the information requested, after 6 months, we consider the logo done. The same rules are valid for any variation requested. It is your responsibility to send us what we asked in order to speed up the process.

In addition, if you buy a digital logo and you refuse to send us the details we need to draw your logo, you can’t claim a refund.

Thanks for understanding.