Artist & Staff

Meet the team

We are very proud to introduce you to the amazing team that has enabled us to make more than 20,000 customers like you happy with their portrait



Elisa is Italian. She is a perfectionist. Her drawings are incredible. Most probably one of the best artists we have work with since the beginning of Hyprloox. Every portrait made from Elisa is almost perfect even from the point of view of the client.

Elisa - Artist



Marta is a super talented Russian artist. The first time we met Marta (I mean online), we were impressed by her talent. She is extremely precise, punctual and sincere. It's fantastic to work with her.

Marta - Artist



Alison is from the United States. She is our "shy girl", a little introvert, but her talent is expressed in drawing astonishing portraits. She is the best at understanding the client needs and her drawings are absolutely a masterpiece.

Alison - Artist



Sava is from Ukraine. She is an incredible determined artist, competent and willing to do whatever it takes to draw these digital portraits. She has a great mindset, and she is committed to work until the client is delighted with the final result.

Sava - Artist



Tatiana is our "crazy girl" 🙂 She is always present and available to improve her unique portraits. She is not only very talented but client-oriented too. She absolutely wants to satisfy the client needs. Every time she found something wrong or not very clear in the guidelines, she doesn't start drawing until she has a complete understanding of what that client wants

Tatiana - Artist



She is The Manager. She is extremely talented in her role. She is a leader in leading people and helping them achieve goals. She helps every team member communicate better with each other, and sometimes she helps our customer care girls replying emails

Megan - Manager


Customer care

Asia is our jolly. She has excellent communication skills, and she loves helping clients satisfy their needs. She is the type of person who is always looking for a solution when a problem happens. She takes responsibility to understand and satisfy client's needs. In addition, she helps other girls improve their communication skills.

Asia - Customer Care


Customer care

Jane is an exceptional woman. To be honest, we have never seen her angry. She is incredibly patient, calm and thoughtful. We are very lucky to have her on our team because she has an incredible ability to fix every type of problem with no effort. Our clients love to speak with her.

Jane - Customer Care


Quality Checking

Clara is an incredible woman. She checks all the artists' work to meet the client's needs and assure that the client requests are fully satisfied (especially in the revision's process). Thanks to her precious and meticulous work we have improved (and reduced too) the communication between the client and the artists. Therefore we increase the speed of delivering the digital portrait.

Clara - Quality checking