Personal Branding – 3 strategies to increase profits in 2022

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, this is the best piece of information that you are going to read today.

I’m going to share with you some crucial information about personal branding and why you must work on it to overcome your competitors, especially if you have a local business.

To be more precise I want to share with you 3 easy steps that you can implement to increase your profits starting from today.

Stay with me for the next 5 minutes and I promise that your profits will skyrocket if you would put in practice these suggestions that I’m going to reveal in this article.

First of all I want to be sure that you really understand the meaning of the words “Personal Branding”.

So I would like to answer 2 important questions:

What “Personal Branding” stands for?

Why should you care about Personal Branding?

With the words “Personal branding” I mean say that you need working on yourself as the main brand of your company. In a world where we have as many things as we want, in any market, the most important differentiation (most of the time undervalued) is YOU.

As the business owner, you are the most important asset of your company because no-one in the entire world is exactly like you. You are so unique and you have to be able to master the ability to introduce yourself to other people in the an appropriate way.

I mean say that, especially today, the perception of the reality is more important than the reality itself (especially when you start a new business). If you want to prosper with your company, no matter what you are selling and who you are selling to, you have to work on your Personal Branding.

Keep in mind this extremely important thing. People do business with people, not with companies. Especially today with the big opportunities that social networks are giving us, you have to master the ability to share a message, an opinion, your point of view regarding a topic, with the entire world.

Especially at the beginning,

People will follow you because of you, not because of your company.

First of all, they listen to you, then they might like you and only then they might decide to do business with you. It’s not about your products or services. It’s about you, especially if you are not so popular in your market.

For a better understanding of this concept, think about Kylie Jenner for example.

She is a young billionaire girl. Before launching her business she had worked on her personal brand first to create a huge amount of followers. They like her and they follow her. Then she became a billionaire overnight by launching her company: Kylie Cosmetics.

Think about other celebrities that launched their businesses AFTER they had already had followers. For example Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

I know what you are thinking. They are celebrities that appeared on TV and for them, it was easier for them having followers. Yes, it’s true.

If you are already a celebrity it’s easier to have followers by using social networks, because it’s a way to establish a close relationship with those whom already love you.

As you probably know, there are hundreds of thousands of people that are followed by a huge amount of people without being a movie star or a tv celebrity. They were able to create an amazing success, starting from scratch.

I want to focus your attention on this main concept.

You are the most important product of your company

no matter the size of the company is.

If you are a small business owner and you have a local business, you have to understand that to overcome your competitors you only have to introduce yourself to your audience in a better way than your competitor, because you are unique and no-one can be like you.

Once you have mastered the ability to communicate with your followers and grab their attention, you can really win the business game.

Your potential customers will come to you, to your store, not because you are cheap or expensive, but because of you.

With that said, I want to suggest you

the 3 most important steps to start building your personal brand on a daily basis.


Regardless of the social network you want to invest time and energy in, you should introduce yourself to make a magnificent first impression. I want you to ask yourself this question:

“How can I be perceived differently from my competitors from the customer’s point of view?”

Keep in mind that especially today, the first step is to grab people’s attention. In order to do that, you can introduce yourself to your potential customers by using an amazing avatar or logo portrait as we did in

Take a look at the avatar below.

You can use your avatar on your website, cover photo, social profile (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), and in your business card as well 🙂

This is why you should order you business logo avatar today, by clicking the link below:


This is the most important word to learn by heart: VALUE. By adding value to your followers, without asking them to buy anything, you are creating a strong relationship with your target audience.

At the beginning, forget about selling. By providing value your followers recognize your expertise and experience and they are more willing to invest in your company’s products and services once you ask them to buy something.

I repeat it again: provide value first on daily basis 🙂

There are different ways to provide value to your followers and most probably I will cover this topic in another article.

Ask yourself this question: “What can I share today with my audience that can produce a result or an improvement in their lives?”


If you want to influence someone you have to improve your communication skills.
One of the most important suggestions that I can share with you is this: speak to your audience as they would be your best friends.

Do not use over-complicated words, just speak to them as you would speak to a child. Remember that your goal is to be able to let them understand what you are talking about.

3 months ago I was reading an interesting book on the topic of persuasion. I love this topic and it allows me to create successful companies.

Nonetheless, even if I love the topic I decided to quit reading after the second chapter because the author used a lot of complex words that I didn’t understand.

So, don’t fall into the same mistake. Write and talk as your target audience was a child. If a child can understand you, most probably your target audience can understand you as well.

Steve Smith.

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