This is the worst experience of my entire life…

My name is Nikki, and I’m a pure romance consultant. I’m the type of person that loves “ALL THE THINGS” personalized, and if you take a closer look at the image below, you can understand what I mean…

Here’s the latest and greatest. I smiled so big opening this package. I hope my clients love it just as much. Personalized Stickers & Packaging Tape Yes, please!

I want to share with you my personal experience before and after meeting Hyprloox’s company.

I had decided to create a business logo cartoon from an independent artist, and it was the worst experience in my entire life.

Let me explain why and how to prevent you from doing stupid things and wasting your money and time.

Basically, when you work with freelancers’ artists, you need to pay close attention on how to communicate with them.

Let me call this artist TOM.

Long story short, Tom hasn’t asked me for enough information to create my portrait. Little information about me, he didn’t request to specify any details, and he asked me only 1 pic to create my digital portrait.

Keep in mind that his drawing wasn’t very cheap. He asked me to pay $65, and the delivery time was 15 working days. I don’t want to post his creation because I’m ashamed about what he created: a horrible representation of myself.

It is just the starting point. We had big problems to communicate. I had to wait a minimum 3 days to have an answer by email and wasn’t so available to satisfy my needs. I think that his primary goal wasn’t client satisfaction but the money. Period.

I was very disappointed, and, at the same time, my desire to create a cartoon portrait to stand out from my competitors was high. I didn’t know who to approach to create what I was looking for.

For sure, I had never considered some available apps because these automated creations are all horrible. I wanted a custom creation, especially because I’m a perfectionist and I like working on details.

Casually I encountered advertising on Instagram of Hyprloox’s company. I was amazed by their incredible portraits, but I was unconfident due to my previous bad experience.

This is what I did (with Hyprloox).

First thing first, I tested their customer care. I wrote an email to ask for information, and Asia replied to me in less than 24 hours. I continued the conversation via Messenger, and Megan helped me understand how the process works almost immediately.

This is great customer care. This is how a client wants to be considered. This is what I was looking for. I had no doubt about their artists’ skills, but I was interested in a new buying experience.

I decided to order with a fast delivery service. I didn’t want to wait 10 days. I wanted it all fast, in 2 days.

I was impressed by what they asked me before started drawing. Hyprloox asked me to fill in a form with 10 questions to better understand my perspective and really satisfy my needs.

Plus, I had to upload 4 different pics to identify my face, hairstyle, full body, outfit, pose, objects in my hands. A complete set of pics to let the artists create a fantastic portrait.

This is the result.

This portrait speaks itself. It is AMAZING.

They sent to me a google folder link to download the portrait in less than 48 hours. I asked for a small changing, and they complete the final portrait in the other 2 days.

I’m a super happy client of this company, and I have already referred 7 new clients.

A final message for you: trust Hyprloox, they did a great work, and the customer experience is incredible. Once you test this company, you will love Hyprloox.

Highly recommended.


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