A simple and undervalued strategy to attract new clients every day

How this simple and undervalued strategy allows me to attract new clients every day.

This is s true story

My name is Natalia and this is me.

I’m an esthetician specialized in lash extensions. I love what I do and I don’t consider my job as an ordinary job. Every day I change people’s lives.

You can understand what I mean only if you are an entrepreneur, a professional or a small business owner that loves what he does.

As an entrepreneur I’m constantly looking for something that can help me to differentiate from my competitors in order to have a competitive advantage I’m obsessed with these questions:

“How can I add value to my customers? How can I help more customers that those who I already have?”

I know perfectly that especially today if you are not visible online, if you don’t have a solid presence in internet, you are no-one. If your potential clients can’t find you, you can’t help them, even if you have the best techniques, strategies, methods in the world.

I don’t know you, but if you are reading this page I’m pretty sure you are a well prepared professional, skilled enough to help your clients. And most probably you are better than others in your field.

Continue reading this short page because I’m going to reveal what I did to attract new clients, that is completely counterintuitive. But first…

You have to know this important thing…

This is a precious lesson that one of my best mentors taught me years ago.

Read carefully these words:
” Natalia, first impressions are very important because your personality is not the first thing people see.
You never know who you might run into when you go out, it could be a future business partner or a person of interest. Thus making a good first impression via your dressing style is important.
Plus, do not forget that people want to do business with people first, not with a company. So, keep in mind that your external image is more important than your professional skills first “
He was absolutely right.
Today if you have a business, or you want to start a new one from scratch, you have to be online: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, are the 4 main places where to find clients, even if you have a local business.

This is why I asked myself many times:

“How can I make a first great impression online?”

For this reason I had an idea: to create a business avatar to represent myself first and my business second. Someone taught me that the quality of your life (and business as well) depends on the quality of the questions that you ask yourself.
I have phoned to my graphic designer to ask him some suggestions about my idea and he referred to me an amazing company that could have satisfied my desire.

I immediately checked the website and what I saw was something amazing. I don’t want you to read, but click on the link below and see the gallery:

Amazing business portraits that you can use on Instagram and Facebook profile to attract the attention of the people who don’t know you yet. It really was what I was looking for.

This is what I do.

The buying process is fast and easy. I immediately placed an order from this page:

After the payment I have been asked to fill in a form by answering 10 questions to describe what I was looking for.
They asked to provide some information about the company, how to draw my hair, objects in my hands, body position and other things. Then, I uploaded 4 pics: face, body, outfit, objects. That’s it.
After 6 days I received my digital portrait delivered in my inbox.
This amazing portrait allows me to attract more clients simply because I use this logo portrait everywhere online.

In my Instagram profile and Facebook profile as well. I run advertising by using this logo and, believe me, it attracted the attention of so many beautiful women that want to know more about my business.

In addition, I have been using this amazing logo for printing shirts, mugs, canvas that I use to make an amazing gift to my clients. In this way, I have the opportunity to be present in my customers’ ordinary life so that they can’t forget about me 🙂

It’s unbelievable, but it is the reality.
You should always invest in your image first. Because if you are not able to attract the attention of your potential clients, you can’t share your message with them.If you can’t share your message with anyone, you can’t help them.

This is why I wrote this article, because I’m a super fan of Hyprloox’s company. They have an amazing staff. Megan, Asia and Clara are always available to help.

They have my best recommendation.


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