True story. 532 followers and 23 new clients in only 30 days

Hi everyone. My name is Miana. I’m more than happy to share my story and the experience that I lived with Hyprloox company.

Let me introduce myself first. I’m a lash technician, and I’m in love with my profession. I invested a lot of time to learn how to do this job.

You know, in every field, investing in learning is a never-ending process, especially if you want to be updated with the last tendencies and techniques.

Even if I considered myself a professional in this field, I struggled to increase my clients base. The sad and true reality is that no-one taught us how to advertise our profession correctly. And you know perfectly that without advertising no-one comes to visit our beauty salon.

I have a special friend that runs a social media agency. John explained to me that, especially today, the new currency is to be able to attract people’s attention first and then create a communication strategy to bring those potential customers to you.

Before working in my communication style, he suggested to me to create a cartoon logo portrait. He had worked in the beauty industry for years, and he explained to me that the most important aspect today is to grab people’s attention.

The way you introduce yourself to other people has a great impact on the results you can obtain. As Hyprloox says: “You don’t have a second chance to create a magnificent first impression, especially online”.

John told me to try Hyprloox’s business logo portrait service.

First of all, he discouraged me from using an app. The quality of the cartoon logo that an app can produce is very low. If you want to introduce yourself distinctively, you have to create a personalized portrait. Every detail is crucial.

If you consider that for creating a custom “traditional” logo, you have to invest between $250 to $500, the investment requested by Hyprloox company is irrelevant.

But, at the beginning, I was afraid…

Even If Hyprloox has an incredible number of positive 5-Stars reviews, I wanted to be sure that my portrait could have drawn based on what I had in mind.

I wanted to be sure of the final result. Since I’m an indecisive person, I asked the company if it was possible to have a draft of the portrait before paying the service’s price in full.

I was impressed by the customer service. Asia and Megan were very kind to assure me about the final results, and they invested their time by explaining to me how this service works.

By filling in the questionnaire and the pics is almost impossible to have a bad final result. In addition, I had also a free revision included, without spending a dime more.

I felt that I could trust this company. Usually, if you use an app or cheap services, you don’t have any help. You can’t speak to anyone. You feel as you would be abandoned entirely. Instead, with Hyprloox I was assisted like a mum do with her child.

This is what I have obtained.

Girls… I want to speak about the results I achieved by using this avatar.

First of all, I decided to order the fast delivery service to have my business logo in 2 days. The experience was impressive. They delivered my portrait in one day and a half. My logo came out better than I expected.

This logo made my social profiles look amazing and definitely eye-catching. It looks just like Me… I had a revision done, and it was completed in a professional and timely manner. The customer service is excellent! I never experienced something similar before.

Hyprloox staff has a real interest in you. They want to make you very happy, which is the primary reason I’m writing this testimonial-article for them.

Results: impressive

I put my custom avatar logo in my social networks profile, and I started using it to promote my Brand, primarily via Facebook and Instagram.

With the same communication strategy, I can now double the engagement rate simply because I can attract people’s attention more than I have ever done in the past.

As Jhon taught me, if you cannot attract the attention first, no-one will listen to you and your message. And this is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your business as well.

In the first 30 days, I increased my followers base with 532 new potential customers. In other words, I increased by 32% the number of people that followed me on social networks.

In addition, thanks to this strategy, I closed 23 new clients simply because I was able to grab their attention first and use the right words to communicate my message second.

Girls… one again, this is a small investment that can produce excellent results.

Do not waste time and money by looking for other solutions or cheap ways to create an amazing first impression. Hyprloox is the best company, I can testify it based on my experience.

I absolutely love it. ❤️ Highly recommend purchasing. Excellent service.


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